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Yuanhong quartz stone processing and attention to detail


Must use high hardness, cutting sales hard diamond saw blade, cutting in the water cooling condition, the blade when cutting speed at 6000 RPM / above. Carborundum content due to insufficient saw blade cutting volume, will cause the quartz stone plate by the high speed impact and cracking, and the blade is not durable. High hardness of diamond saw blade used must have the sand outlet or sand hole, so as to avoid the quartz stone crushing sand can not be discharged in time causing local heating to the quartz plate cracking during processing.
Blow hole
1 according to the design requirements, determine the pot hole center location, furnace hole edge and retaining edge distance of not less than 70mm;
2 open holes, must be in the furnace hole four corner punching (drilling bit must be diamond drill bit, high hardness of stone processing tool in Yunfu shop on sale), and then the line cutting machine slowly and evenly cut into square, cutting, not a one-time plate cutting wear, can be divided into two steps cut the first step, cutting plate thickness of 1/3, the second step and the plate cutting wear, prevent plate cracking.
3 in the open hole, quartz stone plate bottom plate, not fully suspended, and bear force should be uniform, to prevent cracking in the opening process due to the uneven stress.
4 furnace hole cut square, with the angle grinder grinding arc plasma furnace hole angle four angle, radius of not less than R10mm, furnace hole four corner back with about 120 × 120mm little thicker plate, arc and angle grinder into corresponding edges, with wide 30mm or quartz stone plate thickening.
5 quartz stone can be used in adhesive glue
Adhesive glue used in quartz stone can be used in adhesive glue and natural stone.
A. marble glue. Yunfu for sale, the most commonly used, the specific use must be in accordance with the instructions for use with the requirements of the.
B. quartz stone special glue. Yuanhong quartz stone factory preparation, when use must ensure that the interfaces of anhydrous dry, no oil and no wax. If you are not sure, with acetone or thinner scrub clean, cool stem shall be carried out only after bonding, quartz interface is the best 45 degree oblique mouth connector, and interface must wear thick. This glue can be cured in 15 minutes, but the real cure is a week later, after a month can be fully consistent with the quartz stone (Qian He).
C. quartz stone special glue. Yuanhong quartz stone factory preparation, use and quartz stone special glue is dry, the different.
D. epoxy AB type dry coating. Yunfu stone shop on sale, when used in the specification can be used.