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Upgrade aulanya quartz stone cracking


Yuanhong produced quartz stone with its classic colors, excellent capability of anti pollution and high price, by the tens of millions of people home to choose and use in various table, especially the cabinet table. Quartz stone stable quality over the years far great product, for many years the complaint rate is less than 0.2%. In order to meet the demand for kitchen countertops higher crack resistance capacity demand, Yuanhong produced quartz stone will be upgraded to the cracking quartz stone.
Yuanhong produced quartz nano materials and technology, to fill the gap formed material molecules, lotus effect, density without holes, brush, ink, against tea, soy sauce, vinegar, oil, wine and other household goods and kitchen supplies generated pollution, easy to clean.
After the upgrade of the Yuanhong cracking quartz stone with environmental protection, non-toxic materials, through improved physical properties, to improve its crack resistance, not only inherit the original Lan Yaqiang Ou resistant function, has also increased its anti cracking performance. To further strengthen the less cracking, less customer service.
Yuanhong cracking of quartz in listing 6.1, sales unpopular, welcomed the advisory.
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